DLP, a year-long  leadership development program,  is aligned to the North Carolina School Executive standards and competencies and is delivered through a series of six (one every other month) 1 ½ day face-to-face sessions each followed by on-line activities.   
The program will be offered in one or two locations with specific locations to be determined. Expenses, excluding mileage, for this opportunity are being subsidized through a grant provided by the American Express Foundation. Therefore, applicants must be able to commit to participating fully in all face-to-face and online sessions.
If you have any questions, please contact Emily Doyle at edoyle@ncpapa.net

2018-2019 Partners:

2019-2020 cohort applications will be available in early winter 2019 

​Developed and Provided by
The N.C. Principals & Assistant Principals' Association 

Sponsored by American Express Foundation through the
​N.C. Alliance for School Leadership Develoment

Component 1- Strategic Leadership for High Performing Schools    
Component 2- Maximizing Human Resources for Goal Accomplishment
Component 3- Building a Collaborative Culture with Distributed Leadership
Component 4- Improving Teaching and Learning for High Performing Schools
Component 5- Creating a Strong Student and External Stakeholder Focus
​Component 6- Leading Change to Drive Continuous Improvement

2018-2019 Sponsors:


Distinguished Leadership in Practice (DLP) is a leadership development program for practicing school principals that 
is aligned to the performance evaluation standards adopted by the State Board of Education for North Carolina’s school leaders. The program, provided by the N.C. Principals & Assistant Principals’ Association, is sponsored by the American Express Foundation through the N.C. Alliance for School Leadership Development

DLP, a non-traditional professional development model, allows participants to critically examine the meaning and application of “Distinguished” school leadership through a problem-based, real-world approach.  In DLP, practicing North Carolina principals are provided as models of exemplary school leadership allowing participants to study the behaviors, attitudes and competencies that define a “Distinguished” school leader.  Throughout the year-long experience, participants are led and coached through a proven continuous improvement approach.  Participants engage in a series of authentic activities designed to build the capacity of their schools and their own capacity as “Distinguished” school leaders.  

DLP uses a blended, cohort-based approach that combines face-to-face, on-line, and small-group sharing sessions.  To limit time away from their schools, participants attend face-to-face sessions once every other month.  In between face-to-face sessions, they access on-line material and activities to assist them with their school improvement efforts.  They also participate in small-group sessions with cohort members where they share and receive feedback on their efforts to apply proven leadership practices in their schools.

Through participation in six face-to-face and on-line components, participants learn how to:

•             use data to identify needs and establish priority goals
•             align all school improvement efforts to the vision, mission, and goals of the school
•             maximize teaching and learning through effective teacher evaluation and coaching for high performance
•             create a student-focused culture
•             connect with the external community
•             lead and manage change

The Program:

North Carolina Principals & Assistant Principals' Association 

Distinguished Leadership in Practice

Where you find a great school, you will find a distinguished leader
​igniting a passion for meeting the needs of all children.